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“Grand Pale Maw” Finished

Posted in Uncategorized by seansullivanstudio on November 2, 2011
Grand Pale Maw

Mural with 4ft ladder

Ok, so maybe “finished” is too strong of a word so let’s put it this way; I am no longer going to continue work on it.   The good folks at LACE were very patient with me  as I have exceeded the generous 3 month timeline  by 4 months. (Whoops)  Alas, I feel I may have overstayed my residency and maybe it’s time to throw in the towel.  I am Happy with how it turned out.  Looking forward to a similar project in the future.  Anyone have a big wall???

I had grandiose plans for documenting its different phases of completion, unfortunately the didn’t pan out.  Check out some pictures Joey Morris Took of me working while it was 99% done.