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Progress Report; Grand Pale Maw @ LACE

Posted in Uncategorized by seansullivanstudio on March 11, 2011

Swift progress is being made on my mural project at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. This marks day five of work.  I’ve started mostly referencing  an image April took up in Kern county last month;  a huge fallen oak tree by the side of the road.  Right now that gnarly knot of  fissures and rot, it’s actually looking quite fleshy, and maybe even a little threatening there under the stairwell.  At any rate – I feel very vulnerable working at that scale and with these materials I’ve never used.

It’s invigorating working at LACE. There is a wonderful mix of both artists and folks who just pop in off the street to see what’s going on.

If you are in the area I urge you to drop by and come say hi.