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“Earth and Sky” Public art Installation @ LAX Airport

Posted in Uncategorized by seansullivanstudio on February 17, 2011

This Friday I’ll be Vancouver bound, appropriating the extended weekend for a short visit with friend and fellow painter Etienne Zack and his wife and newborn baby. This is the plan: We [April and me] will walk 1 mile with our luggage to union station, catch the 7:00am train to Los Angeles International Airport disembark somewhere near Terminal 6 and, pending clearances from the new TSA Porn-Scan operator and  from the gate agent who will hopefully trade my standby seat request for an actual boarding pass,  get on flight 2404 service to Salt Lake City Utah in hopes of making a tight connection to Vancouver B.C. Unfortunately not in the itinerary  is a visit to the adjacent Southwest terminal.  Mara Lonner included me in a public installation there, which I have yet to see, but am told is very charming.  February 24th The 7 artists myself included will be chaperoned into the the Departures Level Hallway to Gate 2 where we will all give a talk to airport employees about the exhibition.  It will be up through April 17th, so check it out if you are going somewhere out of Gate 1.  Here is a caption from the Airport Website:

(Los Angeles, California – January 18, 2011)  Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) in partnership with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs presents an integrated group exhibit and installation, featuring twenty artworks by six artists arranged on top of a 110- foot long mural created by Los Angeles curator and artist, Mara Lonner.  Earth and Sky, a site-specific installation is on exhibit at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Terminal 1 on the Departures Level Hallway to Gate 2.  The free exhibit is on display for ticketed passengers through April 17, 2011.

Moving beyond the traditional gallery platform, Lonner arranges artworks along a mural backdrop composed of abstract blue and brown shapes to frame and connect the art to the environment, engaging the viewer in a feeling of being present inside a connected pathway from each point in the walkway to the next.  Passengers journey through the space which is arranged with artworks in needlepoint, watercolor, poetry, mixed-media collage, and ink drawings.

Earth & Sky brings a range of disciplines to the point of meeting while retaining focus of their unique qualities.  The tiny lines of Sean Sullivan’s ink drawings of trees, are placed adjacent but distinct from Jennifer Bain’s mixed-media collages depicting birds perched on a variety of textured flowers.

The exhibit is open to viewers who appreciate both representational and non-representational art and explores ideas of form and environment.  As both artist and curator, Lonner’s approach examines how the artists use a two-dimensional picture plane to create the three dimensions of sculptural or environmental space as part of their art.   Artists included in this exhibit are Jennifer Bain, Jeff Beall, Julie Burleigh, Marcus Civin, Lynn Hanson, Mara Lonner and Sean Sullivan.

Tree’s? I didn’t draw any tree’s…  That’s Mulch and garden clippings people! Maybe these works are a bit more abject then I thought, and maybe why an installer here thought to hang one of the 5 drawings up-side-down.

This is my first public art project with the Los Angeles Municipal art Gallery.  I actually received a couple emails from people waiting for a flight, giving kind words/feedback.   A great compliment considering the context.


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