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“First as Tragedy then as Farse” RSA Animates

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Not that this needs any additional attention, but RSA animate did a great piece from a sound byte by Slovoj Zizek. I read In Defense of Lost Causes 3 years ago, and I still think about it quite a bit. This is so well choreographed, it seems to communicate new dimensions to his already multi-dimensional Wagnarian delivery.


“Regarding the Built Environment” drawing workshop @ Norton Simon Museum of Art

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The past 4 weeks I have been hosting an adult drawing workshop at the Norton Simon. It’s loosely focused on the built environment from early baroque to the romantics in Europe.  It’s been a very casual and relaxing affair so far. We’re mostly doing master copies, something I haven’t done in a long time, but nevertheless enjoying immensely.   I’ve also met a bunch of great artists during my brief tenure. Sadly, this  Friday will be the last class.  The good news is there is still a few spots available, and  if you  want to brush up on your drawing skills you can  register  online at the museums website.  The class is called “Architecture of Light” Here is the course description:

Regarding the Built Environment
Join artist Sean Sullivan in examining the history and evolution behind some of the world’s most important architectural landscape paintings. Learn the fundamental methods used by the Old Masters for creating illusory space and getting drawings to tell a story in this four-part drawing course.

The Architecture of Light
In this fourth and final class, participants are introduced to the all-important role of light in shaping both the artificial and the natural worlds of French painting, then gain an understanding of how light affects “mood” by dissecting and emulating works by Corot, Rousseau, Courbet and Vuillard.

A.S.A.P. Free Drawing Class At L.A.C.E.

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Superbowl is Tomorrow, and were better to spend this particular Sunday but Hollywood. Generally speaking, no one really cares about Football  in this city, (L.A. has no professional team to speak of) and if you’re a person not getting hopelessly drunk on cheap American beer and not eating copious amounts of 7-layer Nacho dip, come join me for a day of drawing.  I’ll be there from 1 -4pm if you don’t want to draw, that’s cool too. Just say hi to me and Michael and Alison. Maybe just update us on what’s going on with the Doritos commercials at halftime and who’s boob fell out and so forth.

Details from A.S.A.P:

“LACE is located in the heart of Hollywood, an ideal place to observe and contemplate the collision of Los Angeles — its intricate networks hum with activity as resources are transferred and spaces are reconstructed through use or development. ASAP’s 2011 Re-Visions of LA drawing workshops will build conversations around how our urban environments are constructed and what that means to our every day lives.

Each month a new group of artists will spend an afternoon at LACE providing free drawing classes.  All levels and ages are welcome as we talk about Hollywood while drawing our surroundings.

All workshops are free, and all materials will be supplied.”

L.A.C.E. Mural

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Well looks like it’s official.

Starting end of this month I’ll be adorning the rear corridor of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions with a giant sharpie drawing.  It’s going to be up for 9 months ( March 03 – September 09 2011), and I’ve devoted 5 of those months at regular 20 hr/ week intervals for working on it.  This wall is HUGE! We’re talking 15′ h x 32′ w huge.  I am excited and a bit nervous.  I’ve never attempted a drawing at this scale.  Since this is a long-term residency  I’ll do my best to post regular updates on my progress.

Watch Your Step

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A preview of some new work for 2011.  Last year was a bit slow in the studio,  only completing about 7 drawings. That’s going to change for 2011, #bigplans!

Sorry for the crude pictures. @April Friges was out and could not offer me her expert supervision.  Check out or cat pencils giving me a thoughtful critique after the jump!



all these folk; I miss them

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